About Us

Calypso Space is the result of 20 years of experience in international projects, customers confidence, social commitment and business ethics. Our headquarters are placed in Madrid and we have own subsidiary offices in Portugal, France, Italy, USA, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Qatar. We started as a logistics company offering specific services for fashion business. Offices all around the world, trust and reputation gave us the opportunity to introduce suppliers to customers all around the world, connecting companies and developing private and public partnerships. We have created a seal of quality, based on Merit and Harmony. This hallmark of “sustainability” is reflected in everything we do, and it symbolizes a love of nature, traditions, the little things that make life special, family, friends, and all those people around them. Everything we do is stamped with this self-created hallmark, especially where work is concerned. We work hard, shoulder to shoulder, and although everyone in our team have his own space, we define our goals together, never leaving one another’s side.